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Turku church - feature image

a must-do in the summer time

There are few things that belong to the Finnish summer, and summer theatre is one of them (or some other similar cultural …

Pretty food - feature image

curious friday – artful edibles

Rainbows, flowers, animals…oh the world of crafting pretty snacks for the kids. I wonder if mine have been deprived as they normally …

Chinese cake

birthday in china

On our day one in China it happened to also be our twins 3rd birthday. So we wondered into a supermarket and …

SUngrallses - featured image

tropical party theme for kids

Spring is a party season for kids, and I have also been gathering inspiration for the twins upcoming birthday party, which will …

Max Mara dress - feature image

a week of celebrations

What can I say – sometimes life is a bit uneventful and sometimes you are just double booked for fun things to …

US Project Playroom - feature image

project playroom

This little project to detain clutter in our playroom cum kitchen is progressing well, although with some unexpected choices in design. I …