project playroom

This little project to detain clutter in our playroom cum kitchen is progressing well, although with some unexpected choices in design. I didn’t choose anything white or from any of the children’s furniture providers I researched. I managed to surprise all, myself included, by going for dark frames and natural material for storage bins.

I had been getting tired of the very bare house (all the lovely furniture is still in storage in England) and made a little purchase to the living room-dining room combination area. At least I have a place to store my magazines now, although I am not too fond of the speakers that appeared on top this new piece. The old wireless and hidden sound system was so much better.

Anyway, step 1 completed. Some storage furniture in place. Step 2, to create name tags for the storage bins (I am hoping that kids learn to clean up after themselves pretty soon!) and add some accessories to please the grown-up eye also since the playroom space is shared with the kitchen. I am even planning to surprise myself and craft something bigger for the room. we’ll if that is ever completed…

New playroom storage going up

5 x5 unit storage, with books and most commonly used toys within reach on the bottom. The bins will need labels with both text and pictures so that littles ones can practise clean-up (wishful thinking)

 Play area set next to sunlight from windows

I am testing a play area setup where the kitchen, table and baby station are located near the window and morning sunlight

Storage area and nap corner, train/play table in the middle

Current set-up testing for play area. Still need to cover that fireplace from toddles and I am planning to get a 4×6 (1.2×1.8m) or so magnetic whiteboard in front of it for drawing (this could be dangerous and I might end up painting the walls every months after that installation) and displaying kiddie crafts

living space addition

And here’s some shots of the living room – still a bit bare but much better than the starting point (just a rug and the lamp). Since the storage furniture is the same I’m hoping to reuse it somewhere else in the years to come – walk-in closet maybe?

Feel-good factor? Pretty high especially after the other half said that it starts to feel like a real house. Yes, furnitures DOES make a difference. Having none is no fun – expect for running an car-racing toddlers.

Close view of little storage piece

I just had to get out those little Aalto vases for a minute, but sadly the need to retreat to storage until the toddlers no longer want to throw everything on the ground. The candle seems to resist all the mishandling pretty well though

It's filling up in this room

The Natuzzi rug plus few additions. Note the beanbag that keeps traveling around the house depending on the time of the day



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