school’s out – it’s christmas holiday for real!

xmas 2011

So the school is out for the year. This has been probably the busiest weekend of the year with two school Christmas celebrations – one with a potluck of a very curious kind- from the perspective of all new dishes the twins got to try. we have seen the Winter Wonderland (just fabulous, pictures to follow soon) and beautiful dance from Miss A’s dance group and kung fu from the place she also goes to. Add there a couple of kung fu lessons, Chinese dance practice, a birthday party, some shopping, wrapping, lunch out and cookie house making.

So looking forward to the escape to the mountains soon. I wonder how everyone else is doing-  my guess is that we are not the only ones out there with a hectic schedule…

Crafting Xmas goody bags

Little treats

Xmas treat bag

Miss A. making little treat bags for the classmates

making Xmas ornaments

Miss C. busy adding glitter to her Christmas ornament

Busy little artists

Little ones made a lot of decorations, I think it is easy to spot where the mommies got carries away with their “help”…

Potluck time

We got to try new dishes at the Christmas potluck

Potluck time

Some parenst put a lot of effort in their yummy dishes

Dessert time

I confess, none of our desserts were home – simply just lack of time. Anyway, they looked great and tasted pretty good too…

Chinese Dance time

Miss A. dancing

Sneak peek of the Global Winter Wonderland

Welcome to the Global Winter Wonderland

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