time to switch seasons for christmas preparation

I grew up with a Finnish tradition of decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve (the morning of 24th). The trees were a bit bare when it came to branches and featured lots of homemade decorations. Now we have happily embraced the local tradition of decorating the tree after Thanksgiving – it gives lots of activity-packed hours for kids and trees and lights add a lot of character in dark nights – and we have also switched to plastic trees. We’ll miss the authentic tree smell, but I’m hoping that on the long run that will be a greener decision.

This weekend was a case of bye-bye Thanksgiving and fall decor, and welcome Christmas glitter. With kids the amount of stuff keeps increasing, and we have added pieces I would not have normally bought (such as the snowmen and gel window decors) but those little things make kids so happy. This year we have received yet another tree, a little potted one with colourful lights – maybe a bit tacky, but so loved by the kids in their playroom! From now onwards it will be lots of Xmas decor crafting, baking and singing – the only thing we are missing is the snow!

So, we formally welcome the season of Christmas, lights and jolly music!

last of the pumpkins

The last of the harvest theme and pumpkins

Leafy table decor

Leafy harvest table for Thanksgiving

Little tree in the playroom

The start of a new season with Santa’s little helpers!

Trimming the larger tree

After the playroom tree it was time for the large one  – note the little lady helpers changing outfits to match all that glitter!

Xmas preparation is fun

Lots and lots of decor…and fun!

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