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modern design

perswall- feature image

innovative modern wallpapers

This is wallpaper love. Fun, fresh and modern! Mr Perswall just has one the most amazing contemporary wallpaper collection – like this one …

Modern design

hi-tech house love

I am at least a little bit in love with this house and it’s modern design, pretty location and those hi-tech features …

wine rack - feature image

stact wine rack love

This is wine rack love – this minimalist and modular STACT wall wine rack is like a piece of art and just perfect …

Hush - feature image

resting in hush

Enter Hush, a funky-looking chair, which lets you hide and rest in a womb-like wool environment. And it looks cool. Probably feels …

Flow - feature image

product love: flow summer series

This is product love – the Flow summer series from Botanist. They have a soft urvy modern design and those delectable summer …

Multi-furniture - feature image

curious friday find

This certainly is an interesting piece – a sort of an all-in-one student center with a hi-tech design of a sofa (or …