seeking christmas inspiration

It’s first of December and we are decorating our house. The biggest difference to last year is of course the location – last year we were in China and now we are in England, so the house makes the starting point completely different. Also, last year we travelled to Bali for the festive season, and this year we will be hosting it at home with some relatives – so more reasons to make the house nice!

But first I wanted to look back to our previous holidays seasons for inspiration for this year. And this is what’s been found in our house the past two years or so – advent calendars, mulled wine, christmas tree groups, apples and chocolates – and lots of seasonal events to go with it! I think this year is going to be even busier than the previous ones, and hopefully more relaxing and fun…

Calendar countdown 2011In 2011 the Christmas Calendar was inspired by a Pottery Barn bucket calendar, but ended quite different from it in the end {link to post}

xmas tree forest

In Beijing we had a Christmas tree forest in the living room {link to post}


2012 kickoff for xmas

This is how we kicked off the winter 2012 Christmas season {link to post}

2011 apples and chocs For me apples and chocolates are always part of the Christmas time eats {see post here}

crafting snowflakes 2011

Kids crafting foam snowflakes in 2011 {link to post}

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