first day of the christmas calendar countdown

making of a xmas calendar

The second day on the road to Christmas brings the finalised advent calendar. The whole thing ended up being rather heavy, so I finally decided to hang the buckets from the garland that runs on the stairwell balustrade. A bit risky since the kids pass them a zillion times a day and the height is just right. Guess it’s time to teach these little nippers some self-control!

Did it take a long time to hang these buckets – oh yes! At least a little smooth background music and romantic candlelight and the lights in the tree created a fun atmosphere to work in. End result; not quite what I originally pictured but pretty nice anyway. Leaves some space for improvement next year…

1st of December!

Finally here – what surprises will the first bucket hold this year…

Getting ready for that final step

All 24 ready, first kids to sleep, then buckets up, tissues in, and first lot of surprises too (not trusting that the newly taught self-control will kick in immediately)

24 buckets ready to go

The night before December first – our advent calendar is ready to go up (and it’s nicer to work in candlelight)

The night before...Dec 1st

Romantic candlelight and a glass of wine helped this little elf to complete the crafting project

The last ones are up!

The last ones are up – we’ll see how many will come down because of nosy little kids…

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