crafitng for christmas – snowflakes

Today we have been crafting little snowflakes with the kids. It certainly can be an easy process if you buy the ready-made foam shapes and sticker decorations like I did. The twins just added the stickers, but miss Anaïs cut her own little shapes from the stickers at least. I am determined that we will do the old-fashioned cut and fold-the-paper ones also later on this month, at least with miss A. as it’s good to keep with the old traditions too.

Once the snowflake is decorated all you need to do is to punch a hole and add a little ribbon – and voila – the snowflake decoration is ready!

Foam and sticker snowflakes

On display the prettiest snowflakes from miss A.

Little artists...

Snowflake of snowflakes!

Cut and Paste the manual way...

Manual “cut and paste” process

Lots of joy and choices for $4.99

Lots of choices with or without sparkles

Resident artists


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