unforgettably hot and cold in california

Yes, our family has been on the move again and I’ll tell you all about it when I finally have some more time. We headed again to the lovely Mt. Shasta region in Northern California, and everything was so lovely and fun again. We did not expect to be able to ski again, so no winter gear was packed in the car.

The drive in the air conditioned car was pleasant when the temperature outside crept all the way to 95 F (35c) and once check-in the same cool lakeside resort as last time (we loved these Groupon deals at Mt Shasta Resort with food and spa treatment credits and all…) we were off to hiking. The plan was to hike the little spring meadows – for a mile or two – as recommended by the locals in 7600 ft (2300+m), but this is what we ended up doing: running around in the snow that was several feet deep as the road was still closed and covered by snow! Some locals obviously knew it better as they came with their skis and other snow fun equipment for the slopes in the wilderness…

So it was hot and cold and tons on fun. So unique and truly unforgettable!

Late spring in CA

We love Mt SHasta!

Snow fun in the sun


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