new year – more wellness and mindfulness


It’s a new year and new start for wellness and taking care of oneself. I’ve observed many friend this past year getting fitter, healthier and happier and decided that it was time for me also to put more effort into mind and body as a whole. I’ve even noticed positive changes in my younger children after they started doing mindfulness and yoga/stretching exercises at school.

The hard part of the change is to decide what and how to do as there are countless options and not everything works for everyone. I decided that the key was not to start making drastic changes under new year’s promises – as they give people pressure and can be hard to keep. Rather, i’m focusing on smaller steps, one step at a time.

Inspired by many friends I already joined Young Living last spring, but didn’t really start properly utilizing the oils and other products I had. So off I’ve gone with the diffuser, spreading calming, freshening scents around the house. Lavender at nighttime with breathing exercises vanished the sleeping difficulties. Tummygize for my little one has been relieving frequent tummy pains and headaches caused by anxiety. Peppermint and eucalyptus for the stuffy noses. Release in my gorgeous diffuser jewellery (of which I wrote about already last year here). I’ve been very happy with my diffusers, as has the whole family!


Everyone’s been raving about the multiple uses of Thieves oil, so I decided to test it on cleaning and as an alternative for traditional mouthwashes. I’ve been pretty impressed! But lavender is still my favourite and lavender massage oil has become my new favourite for aching muscles…

But my wellness is not just about finding new products and scents in the house. It’s about new routine of regular exercise – and regular coffee stops with friends after sporting: something both for the mind and the body. it’s about being more conscious about what I’m eating and gradually reducing the refined sugars in the diet. Taking few deep breaths and calming one’s mind when anxious thoughts are popping in or things are irritating me.


Every year I’m eager to clean out of the clutter in the house, pass things I don’t need to others – as for me organised house gives just a little more peace of mind. I’ve managed to spread my calming grey themes to the bathroom with towels and bath-time candles, and now with that cute grey caddy in the top picture, where I can have my lovely oils ready to go and reminding me to use them.

January is coming to end, and my year has started off more harmonious, calm and healthy than before. I’m looking forward to the little new changes that February wil bring along – and would love to hear your tips for the new year!


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