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DIffuser jewellery
“I love how each piece comes with instructions and encouragement to share how you weak your diffusers’

My long wait is over and I have received my essential oil diffuser jewellery, a delicate necklace and an beautiful leather wrap, both with a black lava bead. When I went to pick up my children from school today, my daughter immediately asked what was smelling so good – and I showed her my new, gorgeous bracelet scented with the Thieves essential oil. Not only does it smell good, but it looks gorgeous too – and I am feeling great!

Jewellery 2
‘Finally here – my first two pieces of ‘Enjoy Life’ jewellery’

For a year I had been observing my friend Katja getting fitter, happier and healthier after she started using the Young Living products – from homemade sunscreen and room diffusers to oil-enhanced drinks and treats. For a year I had been thinking that I should also try them out, and finally managed to order my kit couple of weeks ago.

I have to admit that I am bit slow to try adopt new things out and started first just with the diffuser; a few drops of lavender oil at night – and as a result finally started waking up well rested in the mornings. I was so happy with the results that I got another diffuser and started testing in on my children to see if the school mornings would become easier and happier – and yes, I’ve been happy with the results. Now I admit to have joined Young Living so that I can try out other products also.

Therefore, when Katja announced that she was launching her wearable diffuser oil collection, I was immediately ready to buy some – and now the long wait is over!

Diffuser 3
“Trying out my other jewellery as oil diffusers…”

After my little miss C saw – or rather smelled my lovely bracelet she wanted to get one too – and then of course the other daughter also, meaning that I quickly ran out of my diffuser jewellery – and it gave me the idea of testing my oils on some existing pieces. Luckily I had bought a lava bead necklace in Iceland (the Enjoy Life collection also uses lava beads) and the oils can also be applied to leather, so an old little leather bracelet became also a ‘Stress Away’ piece for my daughter, so fingers crossed for that working as intended for her!

how i wear my diffuser
“Gotta love this casual leather wrap and lave stone bracelet!”

And I’ve just decided that a gorgeous turquoise piece and a couple of oils have my mother’s name on them as her birthday is coming up – happy birthday mom and if turquoise is not not thing there are couple of young ladies in line ready to have that one…

Now I’d love to get your tips on what kind of essential oils to wear on my necklace as I’m still a bit of a novice in that. Like Gwyneth Paltrow, I started with the Thieves and Stress Away oils and will tested others once these wear off. If you are curious to see more of this collection, visit the Skimbaco shop for inspiration and ideas.

Enjoy LIfe by Skimbaco jewerly

See and shop the gorgeous ‘Enjoy Life’ diffuser collection by Skimbaco Lifestyle 


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