Health and happiness. If someone asks me whether this trip was worth it, already on day one I’ll say it definitely was. It might have take nearly 40 hours to reach Philippines from not-so-distant China, but the sheer joy of my kids certainly overwrites those memories (and it wasn’t that bad anyway – it’s not like we had to sleep at the airport, be cold or without food like sometimes happens to people who travel).

My son has even stopped coughing again – the so-called “Beijing lungs” returned pretty quick after the Bali “cleansing” trip in December following those record-breaking (sadly not in an good sense) pollution days – but just one night in Philippines seems to have wiped it all away again!

A day of swimming between the pool and beach, watching cartoons from the bathtub, fun time at kids play area and an afternoon nap outside. It was simple but pure #happiness. I hope there is much more of that to come. What was your moment of #happiness today?

pure joy and #happiness
boy and his friend
#happiness is a nap with a friend – the Red firetruck

Happiness of playing and learning new things #happiness of finding a play area and learning new skills

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