glamping by the gorgeous lake bled in slovenia

GLAMPING LAKE BLEDGlamping, the more glamorous version of camping offers luxury experiences while still enabling the experience of being close to the nature. It has been growing in popularity tremendously in recent years and I’d been wanting to try it for a while – and finally had a change in Camping Bled by the shores of one of the most gorgeous lakes of Slovenia – Lake Bled.

camping vs glamping

If you are still wondering what’s the difference between camping and glamping, the key word is comfort and a bit of luxury. Camping lets you step back in time and calls for those girl scout skills of fire making and cramping with friends and mosquitos in a little tent, whereas glamping provides you a tent-like semi-permanent structure, or multi-room, large tents.

Glamping tent
‘Inside my glamping tent – a double bed with soft linen, some storage, lights – and most importantly, a wifi access’

In our case, the luxurious Camping Bled glampground consisted of ten tent-shaped huts with their own canopies, sun loungers, wood-warming hot tubs (which I tend to call human soup kettles) and a communal building with private luxury bathrooms, a sauna-tent and massage quarters. Not too bad I’d say!

Hot tub
‘Private hot tub awaits – just stir the soup before entering…’

Upon arrival to our glampground we had some lovely tapas and fresh fruit smoothies, followed by a relaxing massage outside in the massage canopy. With soft, soothing music on the background the winding down process got well on the way.

Followed by a lovely sauna session and a dinner by the lake, my mind was blissfully winding down and the proverbial icing on the cake was a dip into the candle-lit hot tub in the dark of the night, followed by a little night cap. Needless to say that I slept like a baby and felt very fresh in the morning. Glamping is definitely my kind of thing!

Private bathroom
‘Each tent has its own private bathroom’

I loved the sleek, modern private bathrooms with plenty of hot water and a good water pressure. This is not a hotel though so you need to bring your own toiletries as there is only hand soap provided fur the guests. The added quirky factor comes from traditionally-styled wooden door where there are open shelves for towels.

Glamping facilities
‘Glampground facilities’

The glampground is set in a semi-circle around the private bathroom building and the sauna hut, a bit elevated and set aside from the main campground. This glamping site is just a couple of years old and maintained to a very high standard.

‘Enjoy a massage outside, surrounded by nature’

You can book in advance qualified massage therapist to give you a relaxing massage followed by a session in the sauna or a moment to cool down in these funky chairs.

Tapas in glampground
‘Welcome tapas with fresh smoothies greeted us upon arrival’

Whereas normally when camping you’ll prepare your meals by the fire or communal kitchen, depending on the glampground you can pre-order food and drinks – for example Camping Bled has special romance packages available for couples.

Picnic breakfast
‘This picnic basket for breakfast had a coffee flask, fruit, yoghurt, bread and pastry with cheese, ham, jam and other condiments to enjoy with’

Whereas the glamping tents only fit two people and really are meant for singles or couples, Camping Bled also has multi-room luxury tents that comes with their own kitchens and toilets inside the tent, so family glamping is also possible. The campground itself has a lot to offer for children from a playground to activity tents to trampolines and other fun things to do.

Camping Bled for kids
‘The camground has a lot to offer for families with a playground, tent for activties, trampolines and a lot more. There is also a shop, cafe and restaurant next to the campground.’

So how would I rate my first glamping experience and would I recommend it others? Yes, I’d definitely recommend. I loved staying in Camping Bled – my glamping tent was great, the service and amenities wonderful and I loved the food.

The location is breathtakingly beautiful and weather in Slovenia in quite warm, or hot during the summer months. We were lucky to have a good wether on arrival despite it being mid-September. However it rained the next morning, and I enjoyed my breakfast in my cozy hut instead of sitting outside under the canopy.

Camping Bled
“Gorgeous lake views from the shores of the campground’

Camping Bled is open from March to September and a few days around Christmas and other holiday times, and glamping experiences start as low as 51 Euros a night for two people.

Disclosure: I was a guest of Camping Bled during this trip, however, all opinions are my own. 

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