fairytales from slovenia on #igtravelthursday

My love affair with Slovenia has been going strong for a year, and just keeps growing. Right when I thought that I’ve seen pretty much all the major sights, I realized that I’ve only just scratched the surface and that there is so much more waiting to be discovered!

My latest week in North-East and Central Slovenia on a trip themed “Pure Nature” showed me the crystal-clear rivers and turquoise lakes perfect for whitewater rafting and supping, sharp peaks of the Alps with waterfalls and little rivers perfect for canyoning, picturesque hotels to relax, cocktails at sunset – and more delicious food to feed both the body and soul. I came back tired yet invigorated, filled with energy and new ideas.

Here I’m sharing my highlights of the trip while I’m working on detailed stories of the sort adventures that await there – the first one on glamping by the famous Lake Bled is already out {link here: Glamping in Lake Bled }.

I hope you enjoy the colours of Slovenia and get some inspiration and ideas for your next adventures!

Greetings from the fairytale like Snežnik castle ❤️

A photo posted by Reeta Laaksonen (@houseofanais) on

(although one cannot stay in this castle-turned-museum, the castle outbuildings

have been trasnformed into princess like suites @Pristave Snežnik Inn}

Sunny morning by a lake ?   A photo posted by Reeta Laaksonen (@houseofanais) on

Greetings from the Celje Castle A photo posted by Reeta Laaksonen (@houseofanais) on

Velenje Lake close to sunset. This is where I tried the super-popular supping for the first time ever A photo posted by Reeta Laaksonen (@houseofanais) on

There’s always time for this summer’s hip drink Hugo when at the Alps ❤️

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Gorgeous Logarska Valley – the entrance here really reminded me on the entrance to Yosemite …?

A photo posted by Reeta Laaksonen (@houseofanais) on

A must try item in Bled is the local cream cake. Best enjoyed in the castle with amazing lake views

A photo posted by Reeta Laaksonen (@houseofanais) on

Love these colourful boats gliding across the Lake Bled in morning sun

A photo posted by Reeta Laaksonen (@houseofanais) on

I love that moment in the morning where the first rays of sun filter through the mist… ?

A photo posted by Reeta Laaksonen (@houseofanais) on

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