four easy steps to grow your own winning easter grass

Four easy steps to winning easter grass

Here we finally go – the Easter Grass has been planted with the kids. It really is rather an easy process and only takes a few minutes.

And the easy Easter Grass steps are the following:

1. Get your tools out: you need a plate, grass seeds and soil. I dug mine out of the back garden, but you can buy a bag of soil for about $3 and grass seeds will cost you less (and this bag will last you a long, long time)

2. Fill your plate with soil. Plastic ones are good as metal ones might rust from moist soil

3. Sprinkle the seeds in, the more you put the fuller the grass will be

4. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and moisture with water (not too much thought, you don’t want them to be swimming in the water) – and keep watering every day

5. If you live somewhere with a climate a bit colder at the moment (below 60F- 15 c) I recommend using step 5 – cover the plate with plastic wrap and place it front of the window in direct sunlight (the collected heat and moisture will make the growing process faster). Since it’s well over 80F (28c) outside here, I just put the plate out for the day. Don’t let it get too dry though – and make sure birds don’t eat your seeds!

You should have a lovely grass in less than 2 weeks for the kids to decorate with little eggs, bunnies and chicks. I’ll keep reporting how ours grows.

Update: Want to see how the grass turned out? Read my update on day 5 here and how it turned out in the end, fully decorated {here}.

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