diy easter grass ready for decoration

easter grassHere we finally are: 10 days after planting the seeds {see planting instructions here} our Easter grass is looking good. The kids got to decorate the grass today. I would say that we even get to trim the grass a couple of times with scissors before the Easter, so that it won’t be too long!

I also realised when the kids were decorating the grass that it is way too small – or that we have too many little chicks and eggs – and I haven’t even bought any little chocolate eggs yet.

I think we will be growing a couple of more of these – one for each child so that they all can moisten and mist and take care of the grass.  When we took our little road trip the grass was tended by our next door neighbours, and their kids also got inspired to grow a little grass of their own. The fun wait of Easter!

And talking about traditions in general; since we are a multi-cultural family living in yet another country we normally embrace in all festivities we can. That means the Finnish, Spanish and at the host country’s ones.

I think we will be organising a little Easter egg hunt and hopefully there will be some “virpominen” too. That is an old Karelian (area between Finland and Russia) tradition where kids are dressed as trolls and they bring these little hand-made, decorated willow branches and wish a good fortune on Palm Sunday. Then on Easter Saturday they will come and collect their rewards (chocolate eggs).

Easter grass

Easter grass

Image of kids doing the “virpominen”



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