world book day and finding my all-time favourite book series

Susan Cooper - The Dark is Rising series

Last week marked the World Book Day, the largest book event in the world and I was happy to see that the children got a book voucher at school also, which entitles you to pick a free book from a selection of 10 books. This might not sound like much, but taking into account that 1/3 of all children in the UK have no books at home, it’s a step into right direction.

This book day made me think of my favourite childhood book, or rather a series and I decided to try to find them. And did I feel happy when I actually did – the whole series of Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series bound in one book and just for a penny (plus shipping) from Amazon.

As my oldest likes Harry Potter and similar series, I am sure she’s going to love these books also, and I am going to read them also: not only so that we can talk about them, but also because I am curious to see if my memories hold true to what I recall about the books and the way they were written. Oh those golden memories!

Now I would love to hear about your childhood book favourites, whether you have read them lately and if you are planning to share your favourites with your own children? If you haven’t read a book for a while there is a great reason to do it so soon – the World Book Night is approaching (April 23rd) so get a book (have a look at the interesting list created for the World Book Nigth here), maybe even challenge a friend to come along and join together for a good cause!

The World Book Night is a similar initiative to children’s World Book Day – the aim is to encourage adults to also read as 1/3 of us at least here in Britain do not read any books.

World Book Day

World Book Night


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