wimbledon inspiration from links of london

It’s once again almost time for Wimbledon. Last year I went with Miss Anaïs to China Open in Beijing and we saw Maria Sharapova to play. This year I have been too busy to think about getting to Wimbledon, and it’s clearly too late now – unless one wants to pay four-figure tickets prices for the joy of chocolate-covered Kentish strawberries, Pimm’s and so (likely) amazing tennis.

But at least we have a change to watch the matches on TV and take a look at this year’s Wimbledon-inspired Links of London jewellery collection. Of course there are my classic favourites – those cute friendship bracelets in new colours. The Sweetie bracelet with the strawberry is also a cute one, as are the charms for bracelets – I heart especially that Wimbledon 2013 signature racket one and one with a champagne bottle.

All of them are delectable and oh-so-Wimbledon in character!

Wimbledon Links Of London Collage




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