why it’s fun to empty the house…and then fill it up again

Sometimes it’s just good to thoroughly clear out the house – or if you ask me one should do it every year or at least every other year, and seasonal clearings every three months, especially if you have kids. As sentimental as old toys and clothes are, you should just keep a few and sell or give away for good causes the rest. Even better, have the kids help you and give them part of the profit if selling is your strategy, and they will learn the value of money, and the re-sell value of their goods. If you are lucky, they might also grasp the concept that if they look after their things properly, the value remains higher!

For us the move was a perfect opportunity for that. I held a “coffee social” and sold a lot of stuff through my FB network, used Craigslist and Freecycle, and also donated to many charities and the kids school’s jumble (I love it how the charities collect from your doorstep). But I also realise that I started the sales process a bit late and didn’t have time to sell everything I wanted to. But we all felt good – except for one little incident where I gave away kids shopping trolley and the twins were crying when it was picked up. And they hadn’t used it much for months anyway. But that proves my other theory that one should not have all the toys on display, but rotate them, and for little ones it’s like bringing out new treasures every time!

Anyway, here goes my fab “FB sales pinboards”, which delivered great results. Can you spot the varied room styles we had in the house – the moder modern and colourful, the white and more shaker-style and the fun kiddie style?

Time to sell

My set no 1, more modern and some second-hand too, lots of Ikea, especially with the lamps

time to sell 2

The set no.2 – White and more cottage/Shaker style

Time to sell 3

The last set with fun kiddie stuff plus the original nursery Shaker-set

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