who’s wearing pink this october?

October is the breast cancer awareness month, and the pink support theme has spread into many countries already – are there are thousands of pink products on offer to support the theme starting from pink jeans and paintings to basic tees and jewelry – not to forget the original ribbon. I am planning to discuss the topic with my eldest Miss A. and then we can try to craft our own pink beady ribbons to wear this month.

Other than the ribbons I have plenty of pink in my closet to wear, and I normally support some charity or charity-related product every year (and it doesn’t need to be a pink product either since it’s the donation cause that counts). This year I am quite liking the Stella & Dot and their Shop for a Cause pieces, which supports the Noreen Fraser Foundation‘s cancer research. Since I have quite taken into wearing bracelets lately, I like this simple and sleek Hope bracelet a lot…

So are you going to be wearing pink or buying some breast cancer-related support product, or possibly participating in some support event?

Hope bracelet

Stella & Dot Hope Bracelet 

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