when life is a beach…enjoy it!

A day on the beach with a friend – hiking for miles, walking barefoot, spotting seals, listening to the waves crashing… a heaven for the body and mind. This is what one needs every now and then (at least I do).

Add there a warm, sunny weather, a follow-up hike up in the mountains amongst the giant redwoods, a heavenly Italian dinner with friends – and it is a day to remember! It’s almost time to say again goodbye to California and I’ll savour these fun memories in months to come.

beach time

Friends waiting for a little snack…

beach time

Soft, warn sand is calling bare feet to walk on it

beach time

Oh that colour of the sea – just amazing

beachside eye candy

Some beach-side eye candy (of house kind)

cute little stuff...

The plants are nicely spreading across the pretty little bridge

beach time

Mysterious smoky mountains on the background

beach time

Calm after the storm that rooted this plant?

beach time

Warmer water pocket – but no tide pool creatures found here

beach time

Phase 2 of the plan did not quite work out as it was high tide, and most of the beach was closed off for the seals…maybe next time I manage to spot an ochre star out in the nature…

beach time

Sadly the marine reserve is a no-collecting zone – they had the prettiest sea shells here – I haven’t seen anything like these on other beaches

Redwood loop

Next stop – a walk up the mountain in the shadows of the giant redwoods – so impressive. And all along a pretty little stream


Giant tree, giant roots. I wonder why this made me think Lord of the Rings…

Redwood walk

Autumn is clearly coming to the woods. So pretty everywhere!

Banana slug

Look, there’s a chili pepper! No dear, it’s a banana slug…Everyone, meet my new friend slugsy

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