welcome to the house of anaïs

Eero Aarnio's Bubble, Flamingo and Pony

Welcome to the house of anaïs!

Anaïs is my oldest daughter and the source of inspiration for many of the lifestyle choices we have made in our lives the past years.

Anaïs was born in Islington, London. When she was born we decided that the countryside would be a better place for a little girl and bought an old cottage some 50 miles from London. We renovated the cottage inside out in a style mix where colonial meets New England with some romance and contemporary pieces thrown in the mix.

The next house we lived in was a modern, airy house just outside London, but we still managed to find some renovation projects such as changing beige carpets for polished dark wood floors and trading mustard wall paints for shades of caramel and bleached lichen (plus the occasional red and fuchsia accent walls). Furniture choices for this house were moving more towards modern classic pieces, sleek lines and shiny surfaces but children’s rooms still remained white furniture -based and more country/New England in style.

At the moment we are in California in a rented house and the decoration choices are very limited. As I am constantly looking for new inspirations I decided to collect, store and share my inspirations in this blog while searching for the next house-to-home project. The family has also slightly grown since the first houses – twins Hugo and Celeste have joined the team too and they will provide more challenges to the equation and furnishings on the years to come.

Eero Aarnio Pony

These photos show some pieces from one of my favorite designers – Eero Aarnio from Finland. He has created the fantastic Pastilli, Ball and Bubble chairs, sculpture-like Flamingo lamp and cute, colorful children’s pieces such as Pony (picture here in many different colors). His designs have also been on these cute coffee mugs – a great inexpensive designer buy for housewarming parties!!

The new showroom has just been opened in Finland, a bit far away for most of us at the moment, but the online store is definitely worth a visit at:


Eero Aarnio Flamingo scupture light Eero Aarnio's Pastilli and Bubble Eero Aarnio mulkit mugs

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