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Hope is a waking dream.  – Aristotle

House of Anaïs is about living the good life. Here I share my family’s inspirations on lifestyle, travel, design, food and things we do with our three little kids – as well as just odd and funny random little things that I have spotted here and there.

The site is named after our eldest daughter, Anaïs, as she was the motivation for us to leave central London and find a house in the countryside: that was the first house of Anaïs. We thought that it would better to raise a child closer to the nature, be able to spot wild animals in the backyard, learn to grow some own vegetables and do things that we were able to do in our youth growing up in Finland and Spain.

Our family loves to travel – and the past three years we lived on three different continents: Europe, North America and Asia. We feel like we are global citizens, whose home is where the family is, no matter what the location might be. Here I share also our travels, places we stay in and other tips, especially from the perspective of larger family of young kids, including an active set of twins.

Occasionally I will also write sponsored posts and do product reviews, and am always open for new proposals. Currently I also write for Skimbaco Lifestyle, an American Lifestyle Magazine, a series called “Global Inspirations- bring the world home”. I hope you’ll enjoy my site and look forward to getting your feedback and comments on different topics and posts!




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