using blurb for unique christmas presents for relatives

When the photo books arrived years ago I loved the idea, and now that the kids are growing I love companies such as Blurb, where you can make your own books with illustrations (in our case kids drawings, stories and pictures) and even sell them via the site if you like. Miss A. has been working hard on writing her little story and drawing pictures for it, and then we can just customise each book with a special page and greeting for the recipient.

That is such a cool and unique gift, and it doesn’t even cost that much as little colour pocket books start as low as $5.95! If we are happy with the first books I might try their app and turn part of the blog into a book too, and maybe I’ll do a giveaway with Miss A’s book – it is sweet and suitable for kids for sure. I am thinking that this could be a really fun thing to do every year!

Miss A writing her stories

If you are looking into making an unique gift like this Blurb currently has a discount code available for 15% the cover price – just use the code AFFILIATE15OFF at the checkout. Happy Blurbing everyone!



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