turning a house into a home – kids bedroom 1

Moving into a new home is always a lot of work – cleaning, unpacking, and mot fo the times buying new furniture too. The furniture we have purchased has finally started flowing in – so here goes part one of turning a house into a home again.

This is the twins room – they are still in the same room as they are so young, we’ll see when they are ready to have their own rooms. Since we already had one toddler bed we though we would just buy one and decided it would be for Master H. But oh buy when the bed arrived Miss C. also wanted a new bed. We’ll see about it, but luckily this new bed is much wider – and it has a trundle bed also.

So the first night they happily slept together in the new bed, and second night Miss C. chose sleep in trundle. This certainly is great and gives us time to think about what we’ll get her – if anything. As the old toddler bed was this Ikea daybed model I am thinking that is time to turn it into a little kids sofa where they can sit and read books and stuff. All I need is to find fabric for a nice and sturdy mattress cover, and then find someone to create back cushion for it. Add some little pillows and it will be a very nice kids sofa!

One thing to note about this room is that we did not want to create his and hers sides with one being very masculine and the other very feminine in colour – instead I have tried using move neutral and just happy and bright colours such as reds and greens. And I guess having two sisters has made little Master H. also appreciate the traditionally “more girly” things such as Hello Kitty and flowers (like the froggy with a flower in his mouth).

making house to home

The new lovely bed – I chose the model because I loved the idea of this little attached “night table” for the lamp, little favourite toy and water bottle (the tap water isn’t really good for drinking). It also has storage space for books and other random toys that might end up (but really shouldn’t) in the bedroom

making house to home

The bed also has a protective sidebar with little book/stuff pockets attached to it. My boy chose this bunny lamp himself.

making house to home

The old toddler bed will be turned into a proper little sofa. We have also started to add some wall decals, which be brought from the old house. That big ugly tower is a must here – a really effective air purifier from IQAir.

making house to home

Miss C. chose this pink and white bird lamp. when you touch the bigger bird it starts chirping…Cute and cheap little thing.

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