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Most people dream about adventures, but never go on making them reality. My friend Katja from Skimbaco Lifestyle follows her motto of living life to the fullest every day in her life. Last year she and her family moved to Sweden for two years and they have embraced the Northern life with lots of gusto – having also spared some time to visit this year only Italy, France, Iceland and Finland to name a few places. And tomorrow I will get to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with her in France. I am so excited!

I love French wines, French food, old castles, sightseeing – and of course Paris. I like to explore the “unknown” to me. But it didn’t even know that one could experience it all and more all at once – on board of a river barge! We’ll have our rendez-vous in Paris (and we haven’t actually seen each other for over 20 years, which is when we moved out of out little Western Finnish town) and embark on this journey in Burgundy on board of all-inclusive L’Impressioniste. Oh, I’ve been watching the videos of GoBarging, reading all about their wine tastings, cheese selections, touring Dijon and exploring the ancient abbey.

I admit that in my 20s that luxurious wine tasting and barging trip probably might not have qualified into my top 10 adventure list, as in my first Parisian trip I was more interested in finding the grave of Jim Hendrix in the pere Lachaise cemetery and flea markets than the perfect coffee shop or castle to visit. But those things have been ticked on my bucket list and new cool things have been added to my endless list…

So here I am, sitting at home looking at the spring rain in English countryside, sipping my red wine accompanied by some delicious savories from Spain as I just returned from Madrid last night. I am so ready to go France and the only thing I wish for now is sunny weathe,r as most of the Europe has been suffering from cold and rainy days this year.

Oh, and I am ticking something else from my bucket list too – I am travelling this time with the Eurostar train, and will be crossing the English Channel underneath the sea. Way wicked, I think. And who knows, maybe Moulin Rouge has some spare tickets left and I get to cross a third item from by bucket list – the most famous cabaret in the world.

L’aventure française – here we come (and yes my Californian and European wine and culinary enthusiast friends, I will tell you all about it when I am back)!

L'Impressioniste river barge in France

Barge river cruise

River cruise - cheese time!
{images by GoBarging}

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