trending this week at home

Car Hotel

What’s trending in your household this week? In ours clearly the car hotels and roly-poly habitats are the hot ticket items.  Cat hotels are a natural evolution from the fact that we recently spent about four months in hotels in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and England: it’s the natural environment for our children.

When the weekend comes my son often asks if we are going to a hotel, or if we are eating out in a restaurant (as restaurants and room service are part of the hotel culture for apartment hotels are not that usual outside the US). Our nearly four-year old twins have mastered the art of creating car hotels with different room sizes, check-in queues – you name it!

For our eldest, miss A. the interest follows the same path: since we left the hotels and now have a couple of acres of gardens around us, we are out in the garden weeding, raking, planting or watering every day. And there are bugs, beetles and all sorts of lovely little things to discover. She’s been thorough in her research – first reading on Internet about roly-polys: what they eat, where they live and so on. And then she’s been trying to build her own a sort of roly-poly resort. These interests make me wonder if one of our kids one day ends up in the hotel business one day because they’ve grown around them?

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