shopping treasures of idyllic los gatos in california

Destination Los Gatos
In Frank’s one can find all sorts of interesting things both for indoors and outdoors

Los Gatos at the edge of Silicon Valley here in California is a fantastic place to visit – quite amazingly this little city of under 30K people has a huge number of shops – I think I counted there being at least five kitchen stores to start with. Plus interior stores (including Restoration Hardware!), clothing, lovely restaurants, consignments shops…

Destination Los Gatos

And all this tucked into a picturesque setting of leafy streets, cute buildings and it is all nesting by the mountains. Oh yes, the kids also love going to the county park where they have the stream train and a carousel. Need I say more?

Visiting Los Gatos

On this visit I spend there 4 hours or so, and did not even manage peek into every antique and interior shop – and I ended up with so many cute pictures that I need to split this story into two or three pieces. I just adore Los Gatos!

Visiting Los Gatos
I just love this cool-looking entrance to a restaurant
Visiting Los Gatos
These oriental double doors are fabulous! And all these distressed wooden furniture with shades of green and blue underlying seem to be tres chic at the moment
Dream Home design store
Dream Home Design is the place for old wooden and oriental pieces
Bath store
These two-piece country doors are so cute and so is the interior of this Bath store
Historic house
I would love to have a tower in my house – pictured is one of the town’s historic houses currently under repair
Visiting Los Gatos
Napa Style – stylish inside out
Visiting Los Gatos
I never miss Restoration Hardware if I spot one…they do such beautiful room setups. And those wall colours! (Organic too I recall?)
Visiting Los Gatos
Anteo Home is my No1 pick – for the rustic and so chic French look
Anteo - french pillows
Stylish French throw pillows – one can never have too many pillows…
Anteo - french kitchen
Anteo’s French country kitchen treasures
French accessories
I don’t like bugs too much, but these plates are actually quite cute. And that burlap table runner with ruffles!
Moss-covered rustic accessories
Cute packaging and heavenly scents
Anteo tablecloth
My tablecloth pick – so vibrant colours
Visiting Los Gatos
…And I spotted yet another store worth visiting…
Visiting Los Gatos
Such a little town yet so pretty and full of nice shops that it makes you wonder if you have stepped into a movie set!
Visiting Los Gatos
This florist has a hidden secret lush garden in the interior courtyard
Visiting Los Gatos
A boudoir in a romantic French-themed shop


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