the season for baking scones

First it was just Miss A., but now it is all my three kids – wanting to bake and cook. Little Hugo borrowed this week from school the kids first cook book and wants to make pizza faces. Miss C. is talking about muffins and Miss A. is writing down a full three-course menu with a couple of starters and main course options. It clearly is the season for baking and cooking!

I am no Nigella in the kitchen, but with recipes I can normally have a pretty good success rate. And I have a bunch of recipes I’ve been making for years and years, and decided that we can start with something very fast and easy. Now if you recall Miss A. already did with the help of the twins some very yummy banana bread, so these traditional English scones were an easy feat for the too – a little bit small in size, but very tasty. I wonder if we would manage to make some real clotted cream next time too. Now we are ready for the next dish, and maybe by Christmas my little chefs can whip up a whole high tea or so…

home-made scones

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