this is it: farewell for china!

Time flies by: today we are bidding goodbye for China. No, we didn’t stay two years in the end, just nine months. This time is full of memories, some great other not so, but still unforgettable (talk about flooding, extreme pollution, running out of electricity, 3c home in the middle of the night at Christmas time when coming from the airport..those are certainly stories for the grandchildren to be told in due course!).

We are heading back home – UK here we come – and yes, it feels so good! I love the weather, scenery, food…oh, can’t wait for a proper Sunday roast, cream tea and dry apple cider! We are going back to Kent – less than a 30minute train ride from London Bridge and the big city’s huff and puff. A new home, new school for kids, new car, new job – but good old friends will be waiting for us there. Hello London – we’ll see you in 12 hours!

But first stop of course before all those above-mentioned new goodies is of course a hotel – that’s how the transition always goes: pack, go to temporary accommodation (read hotel), fly, go to temporary accommodation, receive your goods, move to new house, deal with a lot of paper work, adjust to new life…So I might be off a few days starting the new life – once again!

Farewell to China

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