thinking of italy

Thinking of Italy
“Take the Como-Brunate funicular up to get best views over Lake Como’

In a few weeks I am heading to the Rimini coast for the TBD Italy (Travel Blogger Destination) conference and I just heard that I’ve been also selected to a tour in Le Marche area so I am very excited. Of course the first thing I did was a little image search for that region and just loved what I saw: palazzos, beach coves, beautiful nature – I’m in love already!

Lake Como 2
‘ A must to do in Lake Como is a boat ride around the lake’

I am excited about my October travel, not only because this is the first conference I am attending, but because I’ll be meeting other travel writer friends – and also because every trip I’ve been to Italy has been just amazing!

‘Old photos bring back good memories as well as tears of laughter from the fashion point of view’

I’ve been to Italy to a few times over the years and every time to a different place. Each experience has been different, but memorable in their own way. I would love to see more of the nature in Italy: go skiing and hiking in the Dolomites, sail to Capri and see up close Mount Vesuvius and the buried Pompeii. Oh there are so many things to do and places to see, and I hope to be adding something unique from this trip to my top 6 Italy list.

Italy highlights

Now if you wondering why I don’t have my regular stream of photos to share from my other travels to Italy, I’ll share a word of wisdom and a lesson learned the hard way: keep up with your backups so that you don’t loose your precious memories. In the early days of digital photos I wasn’t that backup savvy and seemed to have lost some of my stored travel projects for good.

Thankfully the good moments remain in my mind, but that makes the sharing with others a little bit harder… I am hoping to share my good memories with a series of posts called “with love from Italy”. So get ready for some lovely sights and food & wine tips (and send me your hot spots to visit RImini if you’ve been there!).


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