the rainy (or pollution) day fun!

I have complained before about the bad air of Beijing, but never has it been this bad: this evening the level hit 755! For the sake of comparison at the same time London air was nice 15 and in Finland below 10… At 300 the children cannot go out at school breaks and reading above 110 is already impacting those with asthma.

So we were literally prisoners of our home today, and what better than little crafting projects on days like that! My girls were making some arts with their hand and feet and seaside-inspired stamps. And the outcome will of course go on the wall. Next time thought I think we first use a rolled and give the background a light blue tint or something. Live and learn is what I say!

Art day!
Finished piece d’art: handprints, footprints, seaside themes…and lots of fun in creating it!Little artist working
This is how it starts – little artist working

Here we go!

And stamping an octopus
…and then stamping

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