the most loved – and often hated instagram moments on #igtravelthursday

As the saying goes there is a thin line between love and hate. The same seems to go for certain types of photos of Instagram – namely I am talking about those special minutes when the new day begins and old one is about to end: sunrises and sunsets.

I love nature and I find these moments magical, as I do also love looking at the clouds (another pet peeve on that top ten -list I believe). But even I get tired of those moments sometimes, so I think it’d fair to say that one needs to find the right balance…

I think it’s not hard to guess now that this week my #IGTravelThursday theme and the inspiration struck me few hours ago when the sun was setting: it was a magical moment, lasted just few minutes and then it was gone, hidden by the clouds. We’ve had some lovely pink and purple evenings here, but for the first time in our new house I felt like the sky was on fire. Have you had that kind of magical sunset moment at home or during your travels?

For me, this felt more special that watching the famous Hawaiian sunset, at par almost to those few magical appearances when i have had a change to enjoy aurora borealis, the Northern Lights… (And I’m not saying Hawaii was bad – I got some superb Hawaii and California sunset but none captured with my little iPhone…

backyard on fire sky

soft spiritual spain sunset

light and clouds

Special hazy summer sunset


And now my this week’s faves, which fits with the theme of the week, beautiful and colourful cloud moment by Thilo Beck, aka the @volunteering_nomad!

Colourful clouds

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