the inspiring world of built-in bunk beds

My kids have been asking for a bunk bed. I am a bit reluctant as kids get injured quite so often when falling from those things. On the other hand I think they can be so cute and cool, especially the built-in ones, so I just couldn’t help taking a peek what kind of designs the others have come up with.

Oh, and there is something for every style: romantic, classic, modern, space-savers, space-eaters, ethnic and plain cute and kiddilicious ones. Where were they when I was a kid? Mine was pretty boring, simple and of plain pine colour – and yes, i once fell from it and didn’t even wake up…guess I am just worried that my kids will be as clumsy I was at their age…

Fresh and fun

Fresh and fun, yet a bit traditional at the same time


bight marine style

Lovely marine flair with red, blue and white

calm and classic

Love the calming colour scheme here!

Seaside feel

Natural decor with a bit of seaside feel – and lovely orange accent pillows

Colourful bunk beds

The sweet and colourful style

Old-world romance

So old-world romance there


sweet blue style

Fresh blue cuteness


Traditional white with colour splash in curtains

Traditional white and a s splash of colour with the turquoise curtains


modern way...

Fabulous modern “barn look” (but requires a lot of space it looks like)


Zen attic

White sleek and modern style made for the long attic space


Happy stripes

Simple blue with fun stripes and other accessories


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