the english adventures are about to start

The summer adventure has begun. After a torturing flight where we almost got asked to leave the place as little miss C. did not want to sit down at take-off, we actually made it to the land of eternal rain and fog – none of which was to be seen.

Our kids clearly think that we have arrived to some sort of heaven where everyone has in the backyard the play area, playhouse, trampoline, fishpond and a swimming pool. Quite a difference to our little city garden of less than 100sq ft.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that we stopped to local grocery store and went gaga for the all good stuff they got there – and how cheap it was too! The “expensive England” looks so cheap after California…

beautiful english city garden

Beautiful English garden

Leeds Castle, Kent, UK

Our first stop will be Leeds Castle – right next to the very first house of Anaïs – hard to believe now that we only went there once the whole we lived right next to it!

image Leeds Castle

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