the amazing colourful interior of miiamillamanda

This must be one of the coolest-looking museums I have ever seen in terms of design and the use of colours – The MiiaMillaManda kids museum in Estonia. It’s a place to explore, compete, craft and role-play and for parents have a slide of delicious cake and have a little rest while snapping cute pictures of their kiddies.

Add there couple of huge outdoor playgrounds, little electric cars and the kids could spend a day there. The locations is a great one, giving kids a rest after visiting a palace next door or the well-praised modern art museum Kumu. So we also spend here a couple of hours and were ready to continue to the next beauty spot…

someone loves design lamps..

My favourite – this amazing collection of curvy pendants

enter the colourful house

Enter the cute MiiaMillaManda museum

old-time kid haven

Role play with oldies store and a post office

ready to discover

The tower of exploration

colourful and competitive

Competitive corner for cross-country skiing and seiling, complete with a podium and medals

the cutest trash can

Is this cutest trash-can ever?

all that colour!

Gotta love this explosion of colours

fab displays!

Funky round cabinets

play time

A cool barn…

so fun

…which is also a slide and a giant doll house

a cup fo fish soup

Enter the fish soup…

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