tallinn and estonia re-visited

This is Tallinn re-visited. We did our first spa trip last year, and the intention this year was to go somewhere else along the coast, but I was a bit late with the tickets and our desired spa was no longer available… The start yesterday wasn’t the greatest as it rained a lot and i got a cold too. But this afternoon the skies started clearing up, and we got some sightseeing done in addition to the spa treatments, swimming and saunas…

Our spa – Kalev Spa is some seven years old, and it is located inside the famous old town of Tallinn and this cute view greets us from the window of our room!

Old Tallinn views

Cute views from the our in the historic town of Tallinn

Lil swimmers

Little miss C. doing her water aerobics. This is not as cozy as some other spas we’ve been to, but it’s great for kids as four of the pools are shallow and warm and there are water slides for miss A. too…

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