summer fun with a paint brush in finland

I have never been on holiday in Finland without grabbing the paint brush – and the tradition continues. Last year I painted this little wood storage building, and this year, among other things the old yellow windmill got a new life in a lighter, creamier shade. It is really supposed to be a two-toned  one, so if I manage to locate some leftover white paint, I’ll do it properly.

We also relocated the home-made birdhouse from an old, wonky tree that was cut down and look forward to seeing little chicks there next year again. So this is how I relax on holiday, not forgetting the gardening and fighting against super-fast weeds, but more project updates in the future. I hope you all have as much fun as we do on our holidays. (and for those who wonder, this house is located a street away of the city’s main street, so it’s not really deep in the middle of nowhere, that’s just Finland for you…)

paint project

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