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I’ve been having a bit of a blogging break lately – sometimes one just needs to take time to reflect and think where to head next. My life’s been pretty hectic too as I’ve managed to visit Spain, Slovenia and Finland (4 times) in the past weeks. We are also moving into a new house and on top of everything I’m about to embark on another once-in-a-lifetime challenge.

Im May I challenged my phobias on small spaces and heights by going into mines, caves and a hot-air balloon ride. I also have a fear of deep water, or the “unknown” water (aka not swimming pools), but I am about to try to overcome it with a trip hosted by the WWF, who will introduce us the endangered three rivers in Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. In few days I should be kitesurfing, canoeing, rafting and hiking in the wilderness, so wish me good luck for that!

Meanwhile, I wanted to share the highlights of my past two months with places that I normally wouldn’t certainly go to. I’ve learned to practice mindfulness in the mountains surrounding Barcelona, jump into a giant soup bowl ( a sort of portable spa) in Finland,

Enjoy your summer and adventures, be they local or global!


Poppies mark the arrival of summer for me. These beauties were lining the strip outside the walls of a castle in Catalonia.


There’s been numerous take offs and landing lately. My favourite moments are those when I get to admire beautiful sunrises and sunsets onboard…


The Adriatic coast of Slovenia. Beautiful towns of Koper, Marina Portorož and Piran. I could certainyl live here – love the climate, people are friendly, it’s beautiful and the food is great.


Another Finnish tradition along with the sauna. The human soup bowl, aka wood-heating hot tub. A warm-up is normally required before plunging into the lake or sea.


The best thing about Finnish summer are the light summer nights. I just love that when the sun sets, it pretty much rises immediately again.


Back at home for a few days ago. I’m sure I’ve said it several times, but we are so lucky to have this castle (hunting lodge of Henry the VIII) with its vast deer dark next to our house – and the park is free to access. Miss Celeste has been practicing here new biking skills on forest trails…


English countryside is 50 shades of green, almost all year round. Needless to say that I love living in the countryside, yet so close to London…


En route to Scotland- the moors in Cumbria. Now I can’t believe that I didn’t have time to take a single picture while in Scotland, and believe me it was beautiful! I drove 940 miles (1510km) in one weekend, spend 18 hours on tennis courts cheering for Miss Anaïs, a few hours eating and the rest sleeping. Next time I’ll have to stop at least in a few castles and scenic spots…


The lake at Wimbledon. It’s been record-hot in Finland and we are heading to watch some tennis in Wimbledon with the traditional glass of Pimms and Strawberries and cream!

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