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Heroes of the City on YoutubeWhen travelling with a family it’s always an art to balance the packing and to have enough things to do for the children without lugging too much with you. I don’t normally allow my children too much screen time, but travel makes an exception to that rule of allowing tablet/some mobile time.

With three children it’s always a balance, and I try to find options that make them all happy.  We are now hosting a giveaway for a kids TV-series, which we’ve already reviewed here before: Heroes of the City. it’s still one of the top favourites for my twins, and I love it because I can find it all on their Youtube channel – and they have 16 different language versions of offer: my secret to maintaining the many languages they’ve learned and introducing new ones is via kids programs and games! 

Heroes of the City is an animated TV-series for young children about rescue vehicles in a small town where everybody gets to be a hero! The series doesn’t have violence, it’s sweet enough to appeal to girls also and teaches about values such as friendship and what we can achieve by helping each other, which are all positive attributes on a mom’s checklist of good programs to watch.

This giveaway pack includes a Heroes of the City T-shirt (with a choice of sizes), a DVD and a cast-die set. There is no country restriction for this giveaway and you can participate in multiple ways every day! Crafting_Show What I also like about Heroes of the City is that my kids love to play and act out with their little cast-die cars their own rescue scenarios and develop lovely little plots where friends help each others.

On rainy days we’ve done crafting together with the aid of their Calamity Crow Kids Crafting Show (also on their Youtube channel) as it has all kinds of different crafting ideas to make at home using simple materials such as making characters out of paper rolls. Calamity Crow’s Sketch and Guess show is also fun activity to try out together – you need to try to guess before the crow what is being drawn in the video clip.

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Heroes of the City giveaway
Heroes of the City pack contains a T-shirt (you can choose the size from: XS /age 2-4 , S /4-6, M /6-8, L /10-12 or XL /14-16), a DVD and a cast die kit

Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by Heroes of the City

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