spring brings out the #50 things challenge for kids again

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“Climbing a tree, rolling down a steep hilling and running around barefoot – all achievements in the 50 Things Challenge. And a lot of fun too!”

Remember our project of experiencing National Trust’s “50 things before you are 11 3/4?”. We have been a bit lazy on that side during all that rain and dark, but it’s time to get active again. I was pretty shocked to read that our children spend 60% less time ourdoors than we, the parents, did, but looking back to my own children that probably is true. I also think that in our family a lot of blake goes on me, as I haven’t been that keen on going out in the cold and rain. Therefore I am making a promise not to say no if my kids ask me to go out and it’s raining from now on…

That in mind I looked at a couple of potential activities we could do this weekend, and depending on the weather forecast where both snow and rain could be expected there are a couple of good ones. Also, we are expecting a colder front, which normally brings clear starry skies, so star gazing – hopefully we’ll get to try some!  So wellies, splash bottoms, raincoats and snow boots are ready for the weekend.

50 things to do

If you are not familiar with the 50 Things booklet or the website I’d recommend you checking them out. The kids can record their activities on the website and unlock new badges, gain certificates and special task rewards; it’s both fun and a great learning experience at the same time.

If you are running low on good idea on what to do with the children, the website gives our suggestions and the national trust website lists relevant activities for each of their properties related to 50 things, so check it our and start collecting badges and fun experiences with your kids!

50 Things to Do
“The website gives you ideas on things to do, tracks achievements and gives access to secret challenges also”

One of the challenges we did last summer was the “build a den” activity (see link to the post here) and if you live in Kent, there are two great places nearby that I would recommend (among all the other cool stuff you can do in these places): Riverhill Gardens and Bedgebury Pinetum.

Twins building their den
“Twins building their own little den in Bedgebury Pinetum”

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