so anticipated – destination finland

This is it: the start of a grand adventure of the year. Guaranteed fresh air, possibly good weather, sauna, mosquitoes and nature for sure! The annual European adventures have started.

The kids also made a record of staying up 22 hours (twins with a little nap on the plane) and manage to pick strawberries, play soccer, conquer the trampoline, go to sauna and few other things on their day one. And we seemed to have brought the heat and sunshine with us from China too, so nothing to complain. A perfect start for this adventure!

ready, set, go

Flying with the wings of Finn Air…


Picking them strawberries!

finally trampoline

This has been talked about every day for months now – trampoline time


Picking wildflowers for grandma

So Finnish

Oh so Finnish – cute wood houses and flowers planted everywhere

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