serious closet love!

I am officially in love with the closets and all the storage with our place in Beijing. It’s all real (no light MDF and stuff) – made of heavy dark wood (beautiful colour!) with a combination of hanging rails, pant racks, shelves, drawers, and even lights in every one of them. And there is plenty, more than enough I would say at the moment.

So beautiful, functional and plenty of them. What else can a girl ask for (except for a proper shoe closet also; but I actually have here one too, and since all the shoes are not in it it still enough, but would not be for all our shoes…)?

Luggage storage

My luggage closet, fits most of the light pieces since smaller ones are inside the bigger ones

Pretty dark wood closets

All closets are so pretty and functional

Cool inside fittings

Love the fittings inside and lights…


…and dressers in every room!

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