an afternoon in riverhill himalayan gardens

Riverhill Himalayan Gardens Collage

Riverhill Himalayan Gardens is a little hidden gem, hard to believe that it’s just minutes away from our house. This beautiful private property features woodlands just perfect for some Jeti spotting and den building, soft meadows perfectly positioned atop the Weald giving unbeatable views stretching miles around it, formal gardens, art – even some old ruins of walled gardens that the owners hopefully will be able to restore at some point.

if you are enjoying an afternoon with the children there is a great playground hidden in the forest, a maze to enjoy, a lovely boat swing hidden behind the blooming Azaleas (spring-time of course) and a cafe with some paddle cars to enjoy at the end of the trip. Of course there is a also a fun activity for the whole family to solve: a quiz that covers some history, recognizing plants and trees – a family leader-board where you can be featured at!

Wild garlic-lined walkway

Our afternoon started with a hike up the hill – a partly-hidden trailed flanked by wild garlic (yes, the smell will confirm that you have identified the right species in your quiz!). This trail leads to the playground and the continues onto the Yeti’s forest and meadows overlooking the Weald.

There is a loop trail, so from the top one can descend to the maze, and continue on the blooming path eventually ending in the walled gardens. Do not forget to visit the other side also on the back of the manor for more art – and of course answers to the family quiz!

Riverhill Jeti and dens

The hillside forest is the home of the Jeti and many dens children have built using old wood. In Springtime the Bluebells are like a blue carpet in the forest

View of the Weald

View of the Weald from the top meadow. Very impressive and pretty!

Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

The bloom of Azaleas, Rhododendron and other flowers is so colourful and divide in smell.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 11.25.16 PM

The fountains in the walled garden are the latest addition in Riverhill. There is also art scattered around the estate

Riverhill HImalayan Gardens


Art in Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, rather contemporary but not abstract – concentrating of human bodies and faces.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 11.24.25 PM

A peek of the manor through the trees and bloom. Once you have finished your tour the cafe has a lot to offer from cream tea to delicious meals, and of course ice cream for the children. A family of five cost £21 to enter the place, so if you live locally it might be worth getting an annual ticket, which is £49.50 for a family of four. All in all Riverhill is a very lovely and peaceful place and definitely worth a visit!



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