random ramblings from finland

I’ve promised many friends to provide frequent updates from our European Adventures – so here’s yet another one. We are now in Estonia, but the weather is not with us; the forecast has changed into lots of rain the coming days so we might need to change some plans.

Thankfully we are in a spa, so there is plenty to do, and we get to enjoy many spa treatments here too…

maritime adventures

Poor little Hugo managed to get ear infections, but he didn’t mind a visit to the doctors – especially as the waiting area was filled with toys and this kind of lighthouse to play with! And maybe I should also mention that Finland a great place to visit a doctor, as a private one even without an insurance is pretty cheap – and the doctors are great!

piece of history

The old buildings in Turku (Finland) are so pretty


More gorgeous Turku views


The museum has a majestic position on a hill

Out in the sea

Picture this, the seas were a bit stormy for our ferry, so imagine this little boat out in the open seas…

enter the harbour

Enter the harbour of Tallinn – filled with large cruise ships

Enter the spa

Cozy and modern lobby of Kalev Spa. we try to pick a different place every time. This has a great modern decor (love those floor tiles) and the spa is geared more for kids with water slides and things…

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