random acts of kindness

In my recent trip to Israel I came across a little problem:  I had run out of most of my cash during the a day trip to Bethlehem and Jerusalem when touring with a group and we had stopped for lunch in a monastery that only took cash. Pretty much every place outside the street vendors I had encountered took cards, so I was a bit surprised about it.

I thought I was going to have to skip the lunch, when a lovely American lady, Diana, stepped in and offered me the money, which was 100 shekels (30USD/18 GBP). I was so taken by this act of kindness. I said I would get money from the nearest cash machine, but we didn’t find a single one in the old town of Jerusalem (although I imagine that there are a few somewhere) and she just asked me to pass that act of kindness on to the next person in need.

I’ll certainly do that, but Diana, I am also sending you the money back along with this lovely fairy card with a thank you note from me …and my kids, who were happy that someone gave their mommy food when she was hungry.

Fairy cards
“With this card I and my little fairies are sending their thanks to Diana”

So thank you once again Diana – you are such a kind person!

Now I would love to hear your story – whether you have received unexpected help or been able to help someone that you didn’t know – what is your latest story of random act of kindness.



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