pretty little details…

Old historic towns are just filled with pretty little details everywhere, and it is so easy to miss them when there is so much everywhere to see. This post of all about pretty little – and a little bit bigger – details. And colour, and contrast…


These colours are so irresistible!

old romantic tunnels

Love these little walkways through old buildings

old town treasures

Old town is filled with amber and medieval stores

Sunny time

Can telling the time get more fabulous than this?

A door of many secrets..?

My imagination is running wild as always and I am wondering what kind of secrets these old doors have held behind them. Smuggling, trading goods from exotic countries, or something else more mundane? I am happy that the owners have decided to keep them despite not being in such prime condition…

so art deco

This is so art deco!

Cinnamon almonds

Old-fashioned street vendors making and selling their goods on these old cobble-stone streets. Sweet, cinnamon-flavoured almonds. So yummy!

I see churches everywhere

Such a small area, but so many churches, monasteries, a cathedral – and all so beautiful and different!

Cobblestone alley

Cute little (but very rocky) cobble-stone alley that follows the old town city walls

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