photo journey to marrakech and the nearby countryside in morocco

Morocco, one of the 2014 hip destinations is mysterious, vibrant and full of life. It’s about snake charmers in the market, beautiful old palaces and gardens where Yves Saint Laurent drew his inspiration from, haggling for pretty scarves and trinkets, tasting street food and riding camels in the desert.

For Europeans it’s one of the closest and cheapest destination where one can feel exotic, different life from home with a feel that is still authentic: narrow streets of the Jewish quarter, the labyrinth of the souk, scents of incense and the muezzin’s call to prayer lingering in the air. It’s colourful, a bit chaotic and lots of fun.

Our family did a short, five-day long trip to Marrakech and we explored the city and a bit of the mountains surrounding it. It was an experience we absolutely loved, and hopefully we’ll be back to explore more in the future. As a first post from Morocco I wanted to share some of the moments we captured there.

Lantern in riad restaurant in Marrakech
‘Ornamental lantern in riad restaurant in Marrakech’
Moroccan Mint tea
‘Three key ingredients to Moroccan Mint Tea: green tea, large quantities of lumped sugar and generous bunches of fresh mint with stems’
Lunch in a riad Marrakech
‘Marocco is about tasting delicious tagines and cous cous dishes in quaint riad restaurants’
Dye colours in pharmacy
‘Natural dyes in a Berber pharmacy. Captivating colours!’
Palace steps at El Badi
‘Mosaic steps – the El Badi Palace in Marrakech’
El Badi Palace Marrakech
“Old mosaics in El Badi Palace in Marrakech’
Golden lanterns at palace
‘Eye for details – golden and blue combination’
Moroccan colurs
‘Bursts of colour in a store with dyed wool and spices’
Moroccan ceramics
‘Ceramics are an explosion of colours and pattenrs’
‘Gullible tourists? Maybe….and then, mom, can we have a little goat at home too?’
Berber home with a view
“Berber life – simple home but with an amazing view’
Snow-capped Atlas mountains in Morocco
‘Majestic snow-capped Atlas mountains can be even see from Marrakech’
Kasbahs in countryside
“Discover the kasbahs (castles) in the countryside’
relais Berbere restaurant
‘Dining out in the countryside – a la mode de Berber restaurant. Refreshing and relaxing experience’
Traditional cooking in Morocco
“Traditional way of cooking potatoes outside in the Berber restaurant’
A drink of water
‘Old artisan skills are still alive in Morocco’
Hot and cold in Morocco
‘Landscapesof extremities from desert to snowy mountains’

I dream of thee, Morocco 

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