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Paris je t'aime

In April I had a bucket-list worthy adventure with Katja of Skimbaco – we met in Paris and went to Burgundy on a luxury river barge cruise, and returned afterwards to Paris again to enjoy some more of the city sights in spring bloom. I had such a hard time connecting my phone there (and had no roaming), so most of the photos never came out of the old phone, until now (in case you been wondering why Paris in April has invaded my IG feed now)!

There is something so special about Paris, so much so that I don’t seem to be able to get tired of seeing the same iconic places over and over again, but I do try to add something new every time though. This year, the spring was late in most of the Europe, and we must have caught the first warm week in Paris, and the city just woke up in front of our eyes. Anyway,  I took probably 400 photos with my camera, and quite a few with my phone too, so let’s walk around the ever-so-romantic and charming Paris in spring.

So what’s the most iconic sight of Paris for you (besides the Eiffel tour I should add)? For me, it’s these old cute Metro signs…Boats Luxembourg

Jardin de Luxembourg is the place to chill, have a cup of coffee and pain au chocolat while admiring chic Parisians and kids racing their little boats in the pool in front of the Senate building.

gilded paris

Anything looks glamorous when it’s gilded, but chic angels and demons especially so. Because of the buildings Paris is the ultimate bling city for me.

Paris in Flags

I love stripy fabrics, somehow they make me think of summer. So I find the streets of Paris covered in Tricolore just so fresh and irresistible (and no, as much as I love flags worn out, broken roadside buntings and flag arrangement don’t do it for me). Another amazing view was London covered in Union Jack for the Queen’s jubilee – Union Jack is definitely the coolest flag I can think of!

TuileriersThe sky on the background might make you say oh-la-la, but this was just a typical spring day – a little sunshine, a cloud, a darker cloud, sunshine, ever a droplet of rain… you know how it goes. But nothing dampens my Paris excitement, especially when I can admire the bloom of Tuileriers and the glamorous  details of Louvre buildings.


Here comes a big Paris tip: don’t go there if you are on diet! None of that no-carb stuff or you’ll be miserable. You need to enjoy croissants and soft cheeses for breakfast, buy baguettes on the street for lunch, enjoy cafe with delicious pastries, sample those fabulous restaurants in Latin Quarters, and of course, sample all those macaroons!

The Pont de l'Archevêché

The locks of eternal love and so fashionable everywhere, even in the Great Wall of China, but nothing can of course beat the city of romance. It is sort of cool to peek into the locks and imagine a movie-like story for them. This one just caught my eyes because of the colour and I wonder if Poppy and Lee got engaged in Paris…?


Do you think that romance is still alive? At least on this bridge it is, a real sea of love is how I see it…

Pop of colour

You probably already know that I still quite a novice on IG, but I like to think that I keep improving… One skill I haven’t learned yet is all the collage and photo editing stuff, so this is the real thing. I just loved how the bit boring moment (in terms of colour as the bridge and those streets lights are so chic and romantic) just turned upside down with the fabulous pop of green!

Hotel Westminster

I like to try different hotels and stayed on this trip in two different ones – Hotel Westminster in the post 1st Arrondissement and the modern Select Hotel Rive Gauche in the young and buzzing Latin Quarters.

Notre Dame

Of course I had to swing by Notre Dame to check if just in case the queue to the tower wasn’t so long, but no luck there. I am not too keen on standing in queues for ever and ever..but I guess I have to one of these days of I’ll never conquer this bell tower!


Here’s my fave of the week – I am feeling castles and @wanderlustdesigner has found a pretty one in Liechtenstein.

Ok peeps, I could go on forever but I need my beauty sleep for we have a date with Harry Potter tomorrow. All I am going say as a hint is Hogs Head Inn! (And I promise to tell you all about it in the near future!!)


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