oops, need a room for a picture…

It might not be Friday yet, but this certainly is one curious Friday story. It start with a pretty little tube – containing the first ever school picture with all our children in it (alongside with some thousand other kids). So I started to open it, roll it open, and some more, and some more…

In the end I was thinking, yes it’s cute but honey, we need a room for the photo! I am not sure if we have too many uninterrupted walls without windows or something else for a school photo sized at 3m (nearly 10ft) x 30cm (1ft). And don’t even start talking about framing the photo! Here in China things certainly are done differently – sometimes on purpose, more often accidentally…wonder into which category this photo falls into?

school photo arrives
So exciting – the school photo is here!all 10ft of kids!
Oh mine, 9ft more than last year – this is not going to be hung next to last year’s photo. And it took me 5 minutes to spot all my kids in this photo too!

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